The aluminum scaffolding tower is widely used in exhibition setups, indoor decoration or outside construction. It can be movable with caster wheels.We also can customize it according to your drawings.

The advantages of Aluminum Scaffolding:

– Light weight but high strength

– Anti-corrosion

– Anti-rust

– Easy assembly and dismantlement

– Safe and firm structure

– Easy to transport and store

– Adjustable to different working heights

Composition of a complete set scaffolding: 5Rung Frame, 5Rung Ladder Frame,Horizontal Brace, Diagonal Brace, Stabilizer, Joint Pin/Spigot, Handrail, Platform/Trapdoor Platform/Toe Board, Caster Wheel.

General Specifications of aluminum scaffolding tower:

Double Width(1350mm):(W)1350X(L)2000/2500/3000     2m/4m/6m/8m/10m/12m height platform

Single Width(750mm): (W)750X(L)2000/2500/3000          2m/4m/6m/8m/10m/12m height platform

Aluminum alloy scaffolding completely measure up the safety standards of Europe HD1004, construction

scope 2m to 4m height. Advantages include flexible combination, quick installation and disassembly,

save cost in trasportation and storage, light weight, maintnance is simple ect.

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